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5 Top Tips For A Successful University Application

Completing your university application can be a nerve wracking time, and even if you don’t put yourself under copious amounts of pressure, oftentimes your family members certainly will! One way of helping the whole thing run more smoothly, and to reduce your stress levels as much as possible, is to get yourself prepared in plenty of time. Here are a few simple ways in which you can achieve this and hopefully bag yourself a place at the university of your choice:

  • Research your chosen course and university thoroughly

Make sure that you know all there is to know about the university and course of your choice, before you even think about applying. Read the course syllabus, ask around to see if you might be able to talk to anyone else who is studying the same subject there. You will need to show the interview panel that you know all about the course and what it entails, and if you can show them your specific interest in some of the modules, that will go in your favour.

  • Find out as much as you can about the interview and application process

Knowing what to expect in your university interview or admissions tests process will ensure that you’re able to prepare fully for what lies ahead, and if you’re not sure, simply call the university and ask any questions that you might have. The more you know, the less you may worry and staying calm before an interview is important if you’re to perform well on the occasion.

  • Work on your personal statement

Some applicants tend not to put so much effort into their personal statements, believing that their academic ability is all that the interviewers will be interested in. However, this is not true, and in some cases, a personal statement that shines (and is backed up by the applicant when they meet them face to face) can be the deciding factor in whether you are accepted for the course of your choice. So, try to make it truthful and never be ashamed to highlight your talents and abilities. Then read it and reread it and remember what you have written!

  • Sign up for a mock interview

There are some great services out there offering mock university placement interviews for candidates, and in most cases, their teams are made up of previous university attendees who know exactly what will be expected of you. This process may seem unnecessary to some, but rest assured it can really help you get a taste if what is to come and help you to prepare so that you put your best foot forward on the big day.

  • Prepare a list of questions for the interviewing panel

This will help you to stay focused during the interview and not leave you tongue tied, plus it will get any questions that may have been worrying you, cleared up and answered.

The single most sound piece of advice that can ever be given to anyone applying for a course at university, is to do your preparation. Seek professional help with your application if necessary, and you will not see it as money wasted if it helps get you on the course of your choice, at the university of your choice.