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Cambridge Biological NatSci: Course Structure

1st year
Courses Four courses are taken:

Teaching methods: Lectures, Practicals, Suupervisions, Examination
2nd year
Courses Core material, including courses on:

Teaching methods: Lectures, Practicals, Suupervisions, Examination
3rd year
Courses Specialise in 1 selected subject for in-depth study. Alternatively students may opt for a more generalised course :

Assessment  Examination, Completion of degree
4th year
Research FAny of the following subjects can be followed
into a fourth year:

Assessment / Teaching Methods  

  • Research Project & novel Experimental study + dissertation
  • Oral Viva Exam
  • Advanced Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Develop skills in critical analysis and appraisal
  • Examination
  • Completion of M.Sci degree.


Biology at Cambridge comes under the Natural Sciences or NatSci umbrella. In the first year it is necessary to study 3 subjects plus on mathematical subject, but students can take a leaning towards the Biological sciences.

Biology of Cells:

Evolution & Behaviour:


In the second year, again 3 sub-specialty subjects must be chosen. This may include Animal Biology,Biochemistry and molecular Biology, , cell & developmental biology, neurobiology & Plant and Microbiology Sciences. However, given the variety of other subjects on offer, many will choose to study something completely different form an interest perspective, and indeed inter-disciplinary study can complement the specialt focus quite nicely.

In the third year it is possible to focus on Biology & Biomedical Sciences for the BA degree.