#OxbridgeEngineering – Approach to Engineering Applications #OxbridgeApplications

University preparation – One of our Tutor’s systematic, no nonsense approach to the Engineering Application at Oxbridge: Having decided that the course and the university were ideal for me I tried everything I could: - I scored as high as possible in all exams by working v

#OxbridgeEngineering – Course Experiences

Experience of life in Cambridge doing Engineering at Pembroke: The engineering course was everything I had hoped for, and possibly more work than I’d hoped for (be warned). I was unusual in being fascinated by all fields of engineering so much so that in third year I continued w

#OxfordMedicine #OxfordUni – Clinical Medicine – A day in the life #medicalstudent #oxbridgeadmissions

A day in the life – 5th year medical student As a 5 th year medical student my day to day is very different from in the first few years, but it is important to think beyond undergraduate when choosing where to apply. The clinical half of the course is very varied depending which

UK University applications falling, #Oxbridge rising #UCAS @ann_yip @cherwell_online

It is reported that applications to UK universities for the academic year 2014/15 have fallen 4% while applications to Oxford and Cambridge Universities have risen. The University of Cambridge received more than 16,500 applications for 2014/2015, the highest number since records began

#Oxbridge Admissions: Current views #Oxbridgeinterviews #UCAS #Oxbridgediversity @tabcambridge @cherwell_online

A set of interesting articles from both the New Statesman and the Guardian in the annual news pieces which give their thoughts on the admisisons process. Populated by a plethora of Oxbridge-educated journalists, the various publications try to dissect or undermine the admissions proce

Admissions:Film about Elite #Universityadmisisons #Oxbridge #UKuniversities

Below is an interesting article on the 2013 film – Admissions. It gives a perspective of the lack of diversity and affirmative actions taken at British universities as compared with its US counterparts. The author makes some compelling arguments, but notably omits the role of cl

Lacking a Welsh Forum at #Oxbridge #UCAS

Attacks on the lack of diversity at Oxford and Cambridge Universities are not uncommon and certainly well publicised. However, it is surprising to find that this does not apply only to gender, race and religion, but also to the Welsh. A recent report by the Former Welsh secretary Paul

Mock Oxbridge study room #oxbridge #universityapplications

This sixth form college has taken an interesting step towards study. It has recreated a mock Don’s study, complete with wood panels and rustic furnishings, apparently in order to inspire students. With the interview process posing an exceptionally intimidating atmosphere for the

Physics & Philosophy application #oxforduniversity #oxbridge #universityapplications

I have just finished studying Physics and Philosophy at Brasenose College, Oxford. For those of you thinking of applying for this course, I should warn you that it’s tough, but that it definitely pays off! I wanted to study the degree course which would teach me the most about t

Oxford & Cambridge in world top 10 again #oxbridge #worlduniranking #arwu

http://www.shanghairanking.com/ University of Oxford were quick to tweet this ranking, and both Cambridge and Oxford were both in the top 10. 1. Harvard U. 2 Stanford U. 3 UC Berkeley 4 MIT 5 U.Cambridge 6 Caltech  7 Princeton U. 8 Columbia U. 9 U.Chicago 10 U.Oxford It’s certai