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#Medical & #Veterinary Science #Tripos #Cambridge: A typical day

We ask one of our students about their current day, studying for the Cambridge Medicine & Veterinary Sciences Tripos: A typical day for me perfectly sums up what is so unique about Cambridge. My day starts with a 9am lecture, where I am taught by world class, highly influential pr
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First Year Vetsci at Cambridge – Day in the Life: #DayinthelifeVets #vetscicambridge

Lectures tend to start at 9am and in first year this is often covering topics in either biochemistry or physiology as part of the Molecules in Medical Science and Homeostasis courses. After an hour in a lecture theatre in the centre of Cambridge, the vets split from the medics and hea
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Veterinary Sciences at Cambridge – a tutor’s perspective #vetsci #cambridgeuni

The veterinary medicine course at Cambridge is extremely varied with a mixture of lectures, practicals and hands on experience with animals from Day 1. Both the pre-clinical and clinical courses are delivered by experts in their fields and experienced clinicians, making the teaching o
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