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First Year Vetsci at Cambridge – Day in the Life: #DayinthelifeVets #vetscicambridge

Lectures tend to start at 9am and in first year this is often covering topics in either biochemistry or physiology as part of the Molecules in Medical Science and Homeostasis courses. After an hour in a lecture theatre in the centre of Cambridge, the vets split from the medics and head to the Veterinary Anatomy building for a two-hour dissection practical, learning veterinary anatomy in small groups each with a dog cadaver. After another hour back in the lecture theatre it’s finally time for lunch, either back in college or something bought from one of the many central cafes. The afternoon usually consists of either lectures covering the Principles of Animal Management or animal handling sessions covering a wide range of species, from cattle to canaries. When the day is done, it’s time to head back to college. Dinner in the college hall is a great opportunity to catch up with all your college friends who often study a variety of the subjects the University has to offer. Evenings vary from supervisions (small group teaching sessions) in college and preparing for the next day to spending time with friends, whether you enjoy relaxing watching a film or going out to one of the many clubs and bars.