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How Are International University Applications Different?

If you’re applying for a university course in a country that you’re not native to, such as the United Kingdom, it can be a daunting experience, and while the interview process will be the same no matter what country you are from, language barriers and a lack of knowledge about the nuances of British universities can make the whole process tricky to navigate.

So, if you are thinking about applying for a university course in a country such as the UK, there are some key points to consider, and you should know that there is also plenty of help out there for you:

Points of consideration for International Students before submitting applications:

  • Some universities in the UK, such as Oxbridge, accept students based purely upon their academic eligibility and will not make any considerations about the country that they are applying from, which is of course great news for overseas students.
  • The structure of the courses in a university such as Oxbridge will be different to those in the U.S. for example, and where U.S. courses are quite broad, UK ones are much more specific and focus directly upon the given subject. Because of this, the entire admissions process in the UK is also different, and at Oxbridge academic ability and a passion for the chosen subject, rules over all else, and even extra-curricular activities and pursuits may not sway a judgement, compared to applications in the U.S.

International tutors and mentors:

Many students nowadays seek professional help when applying for international university courses, and mainly because they really want to be given a place on the course and want to give themselves the best opportunity.

Some service providers have a range of tutors and mentors available either online, over the phone, or even face to face if you’re already living in the country in which you wish to study in. Most of them will have been through the same experience as you and have a wealth of knowledge and experience related to studying overseas; many may even have attended such universities as Oxford or Cambridge and will have first hand experience of the whole application process. They can even help you practice for any interviews which may take place, and will run
mock interviews that are as close to the real thing as they can be.

The goal of the tutoring and mentoring services is to give the applicant the same chance of being accepted for a university course, as a person who is native to the country, and their role is to make sure that you understand every aspect of the application process, from beginning to end.

International university applications can differ greatly from those of your native country, and to give yourself the best opportunity at being selected for your chosen course, you should consider seeking help from those who have already been there and who have perfected the process from beginning to end.

No better advice can come from those who have experienced exactly what you are about to, and no person will better understand your fears and concerns.