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How To Prepare For A Mock Interview

Mock interviews for university applicants are not dissimilar to those conducted by employers for potential employees, but naturally when held for students, the interviews are held with a tutor instead. The good thing about such mock interviews is that students are given detailed feedback once they are over and can learn ways in which they can improve their performance for the real interview.

Since getting into esteemed universities is so important to the applicant, these interviews can be extremely worthwhile and not only enable you to prepare better for the real interview but can give you a taste of what is expected of you should you become a successful entrant to the course of your choice, at the university of your choice.

Group tutorials may also be held after the mock interviews, in which students can work together as a group to discuss current events or philosophical conundrums for example, and these can be effective in highlighting those candidates who may be performing better. This can go on to show other candidates how they may improve, and which elements of their application may need further work when compared to their colleagues.

Preparation tips for your mock interview:

  • View other mock interviews online

Doing so can give you a better idea of what is expected of you, and can help you to prepare for what questions you may be asked etc.

  • Dress appropriately

It may be a mock interview, but you still want to give a good impression, and dressing scruffily or too casually will not do you any favours.

  • Don’t be late!

It goes without saying that tardiness will not put you in anyone’s good books and so set a good example by showing up in plenty of time for your interview.

  • Use some relaxation techniques

If you often get stressed or unsettled when it comes to important events, it can make a real difference if you try to relax before the interview. This can be achieved in multiple ways, but ultimately comes down to personal preference and what works best for the individual; some may meditate or listen to their favourite tracks while on the journey to the interview.

  • Don’t leave your personality at home!

Your individual character will be of interest to the mock interviewer as well as your skills and knowledge, so don’t forget to let a bit of your personality shine through.

Mock interviews for college or university applicants can give students an idea of what the real interview will be like, and what is likely to be expected of them. This enables them to prepare fully and work on any issues that the mock interviewer may have brought to their attention. Ideally, mock interviews should leave applicants feeling far more confident of their chances of getting a place on the course of their choice and should give them the upper hand over other candidates.