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#Medicine #CambridgeMedicalSchool – Studying Medicine at Cambridge #studentexperiences

Tell us about your degree – Medicine at Cambridge

I am currently studying Medicine at the University of Cambridge because I would like to become a doctor. I am in the final year of my undergraduate degree. A typical day varies between your preclinical and clinical years at Cambridge. In the first three years, I spent most of my time in lectures and doing lab work. I really enjoyed my anatomy module in first year – we do whole body dissection which is a fantastic learning opportunity. In the final three years, it becomes more hands on. I spend most of my time on wards talking to and examining patients. We are also allowed to assist in surgery!

Medicine at Cambridge is a lot of work which is difficult, however, the knowledge I have gained over the last six years is incredible. The workload is heavier than anything I had encountered before and the learning curve is steep with a short adjustment period but the rewards are well worth it. I love having such an in-depth understanding of the human body.

What was your interview like?

The interview was very similar to a supervision and was very science based with graphs and diagrams. There was also a section on more medicine relevant topics, such as NHS and any current medical news.