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Mock Interview days

In October and November we will be holding Mock interview weekends in Oxford, Cambridge and London where the applicants will have 4 realistic mock interviews in with our tutors. These will be 30 minutes in duration and will feature past Oxbridge Science interview questions as well as questions focused on the applicant’s personal statement. They are each followed by 15 minutes of detailed feedback and advice for improvement.

Throughout the day students will also receive group tutorials where they will discuss current events and work through pnmerical and philosophical problems as well as typical Oxbridge Science questions in small groups guided by one of our tutors. Feedback from previous years has shown these sessions to be extremely useful, particularly as it allows candidates to see from their colleagues’ performances what makes a particular applicant or answer stand out.

Students will experience what the real interview is going to be like, allowing them to approach their actual interviews feeling prepared and confident. On completion each applicant will receive written feedback compiled by all of the tutors on their individual strengths and areas to work on before they go up for interview in mid-December.

medical schools mock interview weekend

These are held at the end of November in central London, Oxford or Cambridge. To book please email info@oxbridgesciences.com.

Please note, places are limited and events do fill up quickly.