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Natsci – an alum’s perspective #Naturalsciences #Natsci #Cambridgeuni

Nobody in my family had ever gone to university so when I began Sixth Form  College I assumed I’d be the same. However, after getting good marks in my mock exams, my teachers questioned whether this would be the case. Instead, they suggested that I think about studying Natural Sciences.
After visiting Cambridge on the open day, I knew I wanted to study here. It is such a beautiful and inspiring place, and the course allowed me to pursue my interests in multiple sciences.
I therefore changed around my A levels and began work on my application. Before I knew it I had been offered an interview and was back in Cambridge, staying overnight in student halls. This was 10 years ago now but I still remember how nervous I was!
However, I somehow got accepted and a year later I was a fresher at Newnham College, about to embark on a life-changing three years.
Studying at Cambridge means different things to different people but what we all tend to agree on is the fact that it’s the most intense, exciting time you will ever have experienced. There are so many amazing opportunities, both in and outside of the course, and you get out of the experience what you put in.
As an alumnus, I have a very strong attachment to Cambridge and Newnham College, so much so that I now teach on the same course that I was once a student on!