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Why Oxbridge?

Good University Guides consistently rank Cambridge University 1st and Oxford University a close 2nd for biological sciences degrees.

Why are the Oxbridge Science courses consistently ranked far above the rest for the quality of teaching?

Having been through Oxbridge all of our tutors will testify to the high quality of teaching received throughout their time at the respective universities. As many of them have subsequently gone on to further study at different universities throughout the UK, they are ideally placed to answer question above. They can also help students to decide whether they would enjoy studying at Oxford or Cambridge over some of the other top UK Universities.

Oxford and Cambridge are widely considered to be the two top Universities in the UK and among the top 10 worldwide. They are two of the oldest universities in the world and boast some of the top research facilities and academic staff. For anyone who has visited either city, they are both incredible beautiful and impressive places. Both universities adhere to their strict traditions of academic excellence and complete commitment to education. As a result, students will find they are extremely well looked after both in terms of accommodation, food and academic provisions, in order for them to be able to concentrate fully on their degrees.

Both Oxbridge is unique in two major aspects of University life. The first is the collegiate system; an ancient format whereby students become members of a college within the University. There are some 30 colleges in both Oxford and Cambridge, and they become like a home to their students with their own stunning buildings, sports teams and social events. Each college has the freedom to choose the students it will admit and conducts its own interview with its own tutors. The teaching staff associated with each college will be intimately involved in the teaching of a very small number of students. In Cambridge colleges will admit between 5 and 28 students whereas in Oxford colleges will have between 3 and 8 students (these numbers vary from year to year).

This leads to the second unique feature – the tutorial system. With so few students per college academic staff can spend a large amount of time teaching individuals or small groups, in addition to the lectures, seminars or lab sessions scheduled by the university Science department. Students are expected to prepare thoroughly for each tutorial , in the form of reading or writing essays, and discussing their ideas personally with their tutors- some of the leading academics in the world. This provides  unprecedented exposure to high-quality, personal tuition in cutting-edge science.