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#OxbridgeApplications – Mathematics Interviews

A Maths tutor gives us a little insight into their application to study Maths at Oxford:

My experience applying to Oxford, while still very challenging on a personal level, was by no means a solo endeavour. Throughout my mathematical journey there have been many fantastic people- friends, tutors, teachers- to which I owe much of my success today. It is for this reason that I am involved in a tutoring program such as Oxbridge Sciences, so that other people may have the same level of help and opportunities I received, and to help brilliant mathematicians achieve all they are capable of. As for why I chose maths I don’t think any other subject offers the same level of natural beauty and complexity, while at the same time still offering high levels of utility and practicality.

What I find particularly interesting about these two areas of mathematics is that both provide great insight into mathematical problems in the real world, whilst also extending much beyond the scope of applied mathematics and into the more abstract and exciting world of pure maths.