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#OxbridgeApplications – Why Biology at Oxford

We discuss with one our current tutors, a masters student at Oxford, why they chose to study Biology:

I chose to study biology because I am someone who craves change. As a society, we tend to resist it, but progress is what propels us forward: socially, technologically, and intellectually. Although biology is defined as the study of life, I view it as the study of change. Evolutionary theories and processes form the foundation of biology, because to understand the way our world is living now, we must understand where this great diversity all came from. I hope to work in wildlife conservation, because I believe it is our responsibility, as scientists, academics, and humans, to preserve our great planet. In fact, I am already involved in local wildlife conservation research efforts here in Oxford. To me, to understand biology is to understand the past, present, and hopeful future of the entire tree of life.