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#OxbridgeApplications – Why Engineering?

We ask one of our tutors why they chose to study engineering at cambridge:

The word engineering derives from ingenuity. Engineering is about applying knowledge of maths and physics in creative ways to solve real problems.

That’s what is on the cover of any university course, but in Y12 I struggled to distinguish engineering from physics. Now I understand that physics, as a science, is about the pursuit of knowledge about how the universe works, whereas engineering takes the useful bits to actually create something that makes people’s lives better. Physics is often the study of the very big or small, whereas engineering usually involves objects that can be seen or touched.

Engineering is also a team sport, a business, and a serious career. Engineering in the real world involves teams cooperating to create something that one person never could, such as an aeroplane. Lastly, the demand for versatile Cambridge engineers, the course being as broad as it is, is enormous.