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University preparation – One of our Tutor’s systematic, no nonsense approach to the Engineering Application at Oxbridge:
Having decided that the course and the university were ideal for me I tried everything I could:
– I scored as high as possible in all exams by working very hard revising.
– I read a few of the books on the CUED suggested pre-uni reading list – great reads!
– I did as many practice interviews with teachers and former students as possible
– I revised all my subject material really well before the interview by reading different text books on the topics I’d covered (I wasn’t going to learn new stuff)
– I searched online for all the past interview questions I could and did them (for maths, engineering and physics).
– I got as much engineering experience, this was mostly watching engineers for a week at a time.
– I availed of various talks and residentials on offer e.g. smallpiece.
– I scanned engineering magazines for things I was interested in.
– I looked up a load of basic tech on how stuff works e.g. combustion engines, jet engines, computers etc. just to have a rough idea (not to fully understand it all).