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#OxbridgeEngineering – Course Experiences

Experience of life in Cambridge doing Engineering at Pembroke:

The engineering course was everything I had hoped for, and possibly more work than I’d hoped for (be warned). I was unusual in being fascinated by all fields of engineering so much so that in third year I continued with fields as diverse as genetic engineering and image processing whilst still covering core areas such as finite element analysis. The labs and lectures are mostly very interesting and definitely well structured. I would advise working with friends to solve the challenging homework questions set in different topics on a weekly basis.
Outside of studying I enjoyed anything active and anything anything sustainability related, In first term I tried kayaking, climbing, archery and others before settling on rowing for my college. Doing a sport is crucial for sanity in my opinion and is a good way to keep close contact with non course friends in the packed term. I got involved in the environmental consulting society and became president in my second term! this then occupied much of my extracurricular (non-rowing) time at university but the skills I developed in managing an organisation, training and marketing etc. have been of similar value to me after university as the degree itself.
The college is lovely, easy to settle into, all really nice staff. The ability to walk downstairs and sit on a bench in beautiful gardens, watching the trees or blackbirds dance around was always well appreciated.