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One of our successful students shares their Engineering Interview experience this year:
– Meeting people in the common room was nice. Some people were a bit confident in my opinion, others the opposite.
– In the first interview I had a panic problem and a brain freeze and couldn’t answer basic questions, the interviewer was sympathetic. After recovering I was able to answer a couple of questions that (I now know) were quite hard but was brain dead before the end and wasn’t able to understand his basic questions about a cantilever with a cord. The interviewer again seemed to understand.
– The second interview was fast paced and tough, I was asked to blend things I knew from extra reading, chemistry and then to do hard maths (based off that knowledge) in my head, I was thought he was joking until I saw the guy’s face so I just did what I could and he seemed to appreciate the effort. The rest of the second interview was blank in my memory from the moment I stepped out.
– Overall I was very nervous but tried and that is all one can do.
– The room was freezing – I ended up wearing all the clothes I brought and pyjamas whilst in bed – be warned if the college is old