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#OxbridgeInterviews – Biomedical Science Applicant

One of our tutors discusses their subject:

I am currently majoring in Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Renal Physiology and minoring in Neuroscience, so have a strong grasp of a broad range of biological topics. I have previously studied aspects of Psychology, developmental biology and Cellular Physiology. For my dissertation I worked in a lab in Oxford on bone marrow adipocytes and the differentiation of stem cells, and will be starting a DPhil
on dietary constituents and their effect on bone health.

A typical 3rd year day consists of a lecture or 2 in the morning, lunch in the college bar, working in the college library in the afternoon. In the evening I’ll go home and cook dinner and finish up work before reading and going to bed.

How did you find your Oxford application?
My application experience was relatively easy. I was actually only in Oxford for 1 day of interviews (compared to some people who were there for 5 days), so I had 3 interviews on the same day which was quite intense. Once I’d received my offer, I was really considering turning it down and accepting an offer from Bristol as I didn’t think Oxford was for me, but now so glad that I didn’t as I love Oxford and I’ve
found I really appreciate being pushed intellectually and working hard.

I only discovered Biomed as a course while looking through course description on university websites. It appealed to me as I enjoyed human biology in school but didn’t want to be a Medic.