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Why did you choose to apply to Human Sciences at Oxford?
Whilst applying to university I really struggled to choose a subject. I couldn’t find any one subject that I felt wasn’t too narrow or had enough variation as this is something I have always valued. I chose to do A-levels in Maths, English literature, Philosophy and applied Ethics and Biology which goes some way to demonstrating the difficulty I had in narrowing my options down. I chose these subjects based purely on enjoyment and my aim was to find a degree course that continued this. I undertook an extended project qualification on healing miracles in an attempt to look at the intersection between the biological and cultural aspects of the subjects I was studying- and it was at this point that I found the human sciences course. When I found it, I felt that I had finally discovered a course that satisfied my wish to study a broad range of subjects and the areas of intersection between them. It seemed unique in that it is one of the few truly interdisciplinary subjects available at a degree level.
I am very passionate about the subject I study and during sixth form, I attempted to raise awareness of the course by giving short presentations on it to younger years and discussing with the senior management teams ways in which we could help raise its profile in the school.