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A day in the life – 5th year medical student

As a 5 th year medical student my day to day is very different from in the first few years, but it is important to think beyond undergraduate when choosing where to apply. The clinical half of the course is very varied depending which rotation you are on, general medicine and surgery, paediatrics, emergency medicine, obstetrics, neurology, general practice, psychiatry and more are all squeezed into an intense 3 years. Rotations involve a combination of lectures and seminars, usually in a crash course at the start, followed by self led opportunities to experience wards, theatres, clinics.

A standard day on the wards will start with the ward round, where students are encouraged to present patients and ask questions. Following this we help with jobs on the ward, take histories and examine interesting patients, get plenty of bedside teaching and follow various members of the team. Afternoons are often spent in clinics or theatre. Your time is largely your own, but there is always someone friendly and willing to help you make the most of it. After hospital I take part in university level sport, which is definitely manageable alongside the clinical workload, in fact students are encouraged to continue with other interests throughout clinical school.