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#OxfordUni #BiologicalSciences – a typical week

We discuss with one of our Biological Sciences students what they are currently working on in their own studies, and how their typical daily routine looks:
What are some of your current key interest areas?
I am extremely interested in molecular cell processes with a focus on genetics and it’s commercial applications. Genetic modification has huge potential to tackle the issues the world faces today and I try to keep up to date with any new developments in gene engineering techniques, and the latest products in commercial use – in general these are crops modified for increased nutritional yield and tolerance as well as microbes capable of producing medicines (such as insulin or new antibiotics). I am also interested in the use of stem cells to grow “artificial” meat, as successful cultivation of this technology could provide a solution to the enormous damage animal farming has on the environment, whilst allowing us to keep enjoying genuine steaks!
Alongside this I am keenly interested in the effects of evolution on populations, and have taken multiple modules focusing on the wide range on ingenious adaptations found in the natural world whilst also examining the levels at which evolution works (genetic, physical and behavioural). 
How would you outline a typical day at Oxford?
A typical day: 
9am – Wake up, eat breakfast and attend two hours of lectures. 
11:30am – I normally do some emailing as part of my charity work, or furiously procrastinate until lunch.
12-12:45pm – Eat lunch in college hall with friends and lament whatever essay crisis we claim to be in. 
1-3pm – Attend labs
3:30-4:45 – Rugby training (twice a week) or charity workshops (twice a week)
5-8:30pm – Work on essays for tutorials. (tutorials occur once a week)
8:30pm –> Eat then either relax with friends in college or go out!