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Physics is taught as part of the Natural Sciences Tripos at Cambridge, or individually as Physics at Oxford. Students may also combine subjects in joint schools, including Physics & Philosophy.

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  • OxbridgePhysics is an exclusive, dedicated tutoring company geared towards the Oxford and Cambridge Sciences application, tailored to those hoping to specialise in Physics.
  • Our tutors are all current or former Oxbridge Physics students who have unrivalled access and an unparalled understanding of the system.
  • We coach a limited number of students applying for Physics in a personalised, tailored and intensive academic development programme with a view to getting every applicant a place at their chosen Oxbridge college.
Our structured-learning programme is geared towards developing reasoning, logic and academic diversity and skill to outshine other applicants. To guarantee quality, places are limited. Please see our premium service page for further details. Our Mock Interview Days and Tutorial Simulation weekends are designed to prepare students in October and November. With 100% positive feedback, these sessions have been a huge success are incredibly useful for Oxbridge applicants. See our Mock Interview and Tutorial Simulation pages for details. Please contact us for pricing and booking information. Dates for Mock Interview weekends and Tutorial simulation. Now available


Physics Course

Physics – Before you apply

Provided you have strong fundamentals, passion and a willingness to learn, Physics is a subject whic
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Physics Course Structure – Oxford

1st year Courses Five subjects, four of which are compulsory: Subjects 1&2 cover fundamental are
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Physics Course Structure – Cambridge

   Year Topics Covered Teaching methods Year 1 Any 3 of: Lectures Practical Supervisions Examin
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What to expect at Interview

The Interview Being interviewed at Oxford or Cambridge will undoubtedly be one of the most challengi
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