Physics – Before you apply

Provided you have strong fundamentals, passion and a willingness to learn, Physics is a subject which very few do not enjoy. You will study the way that the universe works, why it is and discover the essential knowledge required for scientific progress. UCAS When applying to Oxbridge,

Physics Course Structure – Oxford

1st year Courses Five subjects, four of which are compulsory: Subjects 1&2 cover fundamental areas of ‘classical’ physics: The mechanics of particles Special relativity The physics of electric and magnetic fields Mathematics for chemistry Subject 3 covers: Differential

Physics Course Structure – Cambridge

   Year Topics Covered Teaching methods Year 1 Any 3 of: Lectures Practical Supervisions Examination Biology of Cells Chemistry Computer Science Earth Sciences Evolution & Behaviour Materials Science Physics Physiology of Organisms AND 1 OF: Mathematics Mathematical Biology E

What to expect at Interview

The Interview Being interviewed at Oxford or Cambridge will undoubtedly be one of the most challenging and nerve-racking experiences for any A-level student. Unfortunately there is no fixed format for these interviews and different tutors in different colleges have complete freedom ov