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Date:February 07, 2016

Human Sciences – Course Structure

1st year
Courses Five courses are taken:

  • The biology of organisms including humans
  • Genetics and evolution
  • Society, culture and environment
  • Sociology and demography
  • Quantitative methods for the human sciences
Assessment First University examinations:
Five written papers; satisfactory practical record
2nd year
Courses Five compulsory courses are taken, plus a start on the dissertation and two optional courses.

  • Behaviour and its evolution, animal and human
  • Human genetics and evolution
  • Human ecology
  • Demography and population
  • Either Anthropological analysis and interpretation; or Sociological theory
3rd year

  • Dissertation to be completed by the beginning of the final term
  • Option courses (two chosen) from a list which may vary slightly depending on teaching availability:
    • Anthropology of a selected region (for example Europe, Japan, Lowland South America, South Asia, or West Africa);
    • Anthropology of medicine;
    • Cognition and culture;
    • Cognitive and evolutionary anthropology;
    • Gender theories and realities:
    • cross-cultural perspectives;
    • Health and disease;
    • Language;
    • Physical and forensic anthropology:
    • an introduction to human skeletal remains;
    • Quantitative methods;
    • Sociology of post-industrial societies;
    • South and southern Africa;
    • a range of psychology options.
Assessment Final University examinations:
Seven written papers; a dissertation