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Student Profile: Oxford Physicist

How do you typically fill your days?

My typical day usually begins at around seven in the morning when I wake up and go for a short run around the University Parks before having breakfast. During the week, I have lectures before lunch. Typically, I eat my lunch in the college, so that I have a chance to meet my friends even during a busy day. Then there are tutorials in the college during the afternoon. Before the individual study time, I take a short break for coffee and read the news online. I prefer to work in my room, I do however go to the library in case I want to eliminate any possible distractions or simply need to use some books which I do not have at hand. In the evening, I have a rowing training indoors every other day. If I have a particularly busy day, I tend to work quite late, but if I managed to finish all of my work I hang out with my friends afterwards. Before going to bed, I read a book for half an hour to relax