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The Team

All of our tutors are either current or very recently graduated students of Oxford and Cambridge University. We have hundreds of applications each year for tutoring spots and we typically only choose a select few to join us in our very unique aim.

We know that the Oxbridge interview process is unique, and that each subject itself has a very special admissions process so we only place tutors with their own specific subject topic, even though they may have tutored in other disciplines in the past.

Oxbridge Sciences was set up by a group of Oxbridge Graduates who felt that there was a need to demystify the admissions process, providing advice and guidance to talented students. Among our founders include Doctors, Research scientists and management consultants – all graduates of Oxford and Cambridge. Our alumni of tutors have gone on to any number of different career paths including post-doc research at Harvard university, PhD’s in neurosciences, masters in computer sciences, engineering at BP and many more.

Meet some members of our Team:

Siana History Peterhouse2Siana B is a History graduate from the University of Cambridge. She studied at Peterhouse, the oldest and smallest of the Cambridge colleges, and specialised in African history, as well as the Politics of Gender in Britain. She is originally from London and has now joined the OxbridgeSciences and OxbridgeHumanities team as our Subject Coordinator and Communications Manager.


DVR Psych Corpus2David studied Experimental Psychology at Corpus Christi, Oxford. He has extensive tutoring experience and has previously worked as a full time tutor since graduating in 2009.




Harry maths st catz camb2

Harry currently studies Maths at St Catherine’s College London and is in his final year. He has tutored extensively with Oxbridge Sciences and has a passion for teaching. He is among the most popular of tutors amongst our Maths students.






Alex - Physics & Philos2Alex is currently completing a Masters at Oxford and has aspirations to complete his DPhil in due course. He read Philosophy and Physics at Brasenose College, Oxford, where he achieved the highest grade. He is one of our most accomplished tutors and has vast teaching experience.




Tilly Nat sci2Tillie studies Natural Sciences at Cambridge, focusing on Biological Sciences as her core. She is also the Nat-Sci subject representative for Oxbridge Sciences and has a role in developing the Nat Sci tuition programme




Julia Med Ox2

Julia is in her final year of study at Oxford and has tutored for us for 4 years. She tutors our medical applicants and has previously held the role of subject head and tutor representative. She has an exceptional academic record and a true passion for teaching alongside her clinical studies.




Ferdi Caius Med2

Alex is  a Doctor and graduate from Cambridge. He has an active role in the scope and methodology behind our teaching for medical applicants and holds several teaching certificates.




Ziggy Med2

Dr. Siegfried studied and practices medicine in Oxford. He currently tutors undergraduate medical students and is an exceptionally talented teacher. He also has an active pastoral role with our medical programme and his input has been unique in the conception of our tutoring techniques.




Natural Sciences

Harriet S. – Completed a Natural Sciences degree with First Class before choosing to study graduate medicine. She is currently completing her studies at St George’s Medical school in London.

Tim E. – Tim graduated from Sidney Sussex college in 2009 with a First and is currently undertaking a Phd in Cell signalling at Oxford in pharmacology. He has several primary research papers to his name and currently tutors undergraduates at his college. He has been tutoring with CambridgeNaturalSciences for several years now.

Ashwin R. – Ashwin took every opportunity during his undergraduate at Cambridge to follow his passion for pharmacology. Having recently undertaken a masters at the University of Nottingham, he will be starting further studies in the United States at the beginning of the next academic year.


Jian A. – Jian graduated in 2007 with a First Class degree from Oxford. He spent several years working for a pharmaceutical company before moving into the teaching profession. However, he will be starting a PhD at King’s College, London at the beginning of the next academic year and has successfully obtained funding.

Angelica M. – Angelica completed her undergraduate in Perth, Australia and she has been continuing her studies at Cambridge. She is completing her masters before she will study for her PhD in molecular targeting and drug targets.

Lin T. – Lin completed an undergraduate in Chemistry at Oxford, graduating in 2012. He is currently completing a Masters in synthetic chemistry at UCL.