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Why I chose Biology at oxford #OxbridgeEntries #OxbridgeApplications

We speak to one of our tutors on why they chose to study Biology at Oxford…

Why did you choose to study Biology?

Biology has not always been a ‘passion’, I started really enjoying it in year 11, and realised it was my ‘thing’ in sixth form. I had fantastic teachers, and I think that having someone inspiring really makes a difference in any subject. I think, unlike other sciences, being able to physically observe the things I learn about- ecosystems, competition, sexual selection- is why I really love my subject, and why I chose it to study at University.

Within my degree, I am particularly interested in tropical and marine biology; I spent time abroad last year learning to dive and conducting scientific research with an International Operation, and this year will be travelling Indonesia to study palm oil as part of my Final Honour Schools project. I’m hoping to do a masters following my degree.

What does a typical day of study look like?

My typical day involves quite a few contact hours, but I’m an early riser so usually able to get some work done before lectures start. I play sport of some kind every day, squash, climbing, football and aerial dance. I find these really help with my productivity. Lunch is usually between 12 and 1, after which I’ll either work on an essay, revise, or go to a practical. I usually cook for myself in the evenings and start getting ready for bed around 9.

How did you choose which college to study at?

I admit, I haven’t always wanted to come to Oxford, and only really decided to give it a shot because I was encouraged to by a member of staff. I was at a state school where the support network was very good; I’m so grateful for those that helped me. I didn’t apply to the college that I ended up at – I actually thought my interview for my current college was much, much worse than my other one, so getting an offer letter from here was quite a shock! I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to go, wasn’t sure if Oxford was for me, but as exams approached, and began to think further into the future, I found myself really really wanting to get in. I remember how proud of myself I had felt; it’s quite a unique feeling!