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Why I chose #Medicine at #Oxford?

One of our tutors explains…
Why did you choose to apply to medicine at Oxford?
I chose medicine because human life is the most important thing we have.  There are very few careers where you are at the frontier of dealing with human health every day.  The amount you have to know in order to practice is immense – and it changes all the time – and I never want to stop learning.  It’s also a very versatile career.  When I graduate I have so many career routes to choose from – and some of them involve practising abroad which would be really exciting.  People talk about how the NHS doesn’t have enough doctors, but if you look at the stats for some other places it’s far worse.
What have you enjoyed studying during your medical degree? Could you give us examples of how the Oxford cause differs?
I’m doing a lecture course on cell physiology, which is really broad.  As an illustration, I’ve been doing tutorials on G protein coupled receptors, protein folding and secretion, second messenger signalling, stress, ovulation, and I’ve got acid and oxygen sensing coming up soon.  You have the ability to study whatever you like in your 3rd year, from Science to Philosophy – I am interested in cardiac optogenetics – GM mouse hearts and shining light on them to see how it changes.  I can then explore something extremely different, for example why cancer patients get weird taste sensations. Then in your 4th year, you move on to clinics, which is very different again.